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Fishing Trip 8 - 9th Tunk's Park
Christmas in July 15th CANCELED
17th General Meeting 7.30pm BWC

Fishing Trip 12 - 13th Lake Lyell ???? to be comfirmed
21st General Meeting 7.30pm BWC

Fishing Trip 9- 10th ????
18th General Meeting 7.30pm BWC

Fishing Trip 30th - 2nd Windamere Dam to be comfirmed Details Click Here
16th General Meeting 7.30pm BWC

Fishing Trip 11- 12th ????
18th Trophy Presentation Night Workers Sports  to be comfirmed
20th General Meeting 7.30pm BWC

3rd BWC Kids Xmas Party Volunteers needed
Fishing Trip 9- 10th ????
18th General Meeting 7.30pm BWC Presidents Shout





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